*Peter Pan Collar tee shirt, available at ASOS.  $51.74*

You may or may not be familiar with the Peter Pan collar, and if you’re not, you probably should be.  It’s a cute, feminine way to add texture to your outfits, and offers a little bit of that school girl charm we all love.  It’s a definite fashion DO, and has been for several years, but have you seen the Peter Pan collar necklace

*Cara Accessories Collar Necklace, available at Nordstrom.  $34.00

*Peter Pan Collar Necklace, Forever 21.  $24.80*

Adding a jeweled, sequined, or chain collar necklace to your fall and winter wardrobe is a pretty simple and smart investment.  Because of the cropped length of the collar, it is perfect to pair with a simple but classic crew neck tee, a silk or satin crew neck blouse, or with a crewneck fine gauge sweater.  There is a collar necklace out there for every budget, and if you are as big an Etsy fan that I am, a simple search for “collar necklace” or “peter pan collar necklace” will yield you a wide variety of necklaces in several different mediums.  Some of my favorite styles just came out in the Fall Nordstrom catalog, and at $34 for a gold sequin accent piece to pair with some of my $19 J.Crew perfect fit tees packs just the punch my fall wardrobe needs!

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