Do you want more money? I absolutely do and I bet you do, too. But before we work on increasing our abundance this Magical Monday, let me pose this question: how do you FEEL about money? The title of this post reveals what many of us have been taught about money ~ if you have a lot you’re filthy and stinking. Now granted SOME people who have a lot of money may have acquired it in filthy, stinking ways (like perhaps that infamous 1%) but that doesn’t make money itself a dirty thing. WANTING a lot of money doesn’t mean you’re shallow or materialistic either. In this current world money equals freedom. So maybe the question I’m asking when I say, “do you want more money” really should be worded, “do you want more freedom?” (I’m not looking to get into a political or spiritual debate about what the true meaning of “freedom” is, so for all intents and purposes let’s just focus on material freedom for this post. And if you’re one who’s itching to debate the true meaning of freedom, then you’re avoiding your abundance issue. Just sayin’.)

So let’s get back to how you FEEL about money? Did your parents say things about money when you were growing up that has shaped your current view? Even the seemingly benign statements “money doesn’t grow on trees”  or “don’t waste your money on that” implies LACK. And where there is lack, there can’t be abundance.

If you truly WANT MORE MONEY, first let me give you permission to have it. Here we go: You are a wonderful and WORTHY person. You DESERVE to have all good things and all the comforts in the world. You DESERVE to be abundant! You DESERVE to be RICH! 

Oh yes, you do!

How does that make you feel? Are you squirming in your seat when I declare that YOU DESERVE TO BE RICH? If so, repeat it to yourself 20 times a day until you believe it. When you start to believe it, you’ll start to see more money coming your way.

Money, like everything else, is energy. I’m sure there are many other things you are abundant in, so why deny yourself the energy of money?

Let’s continue flexing our abundance muscle a little bit. Let’s now focus on all the other things in your life that you are truly abundant in. Recognizing (and appreciating) the areas you’re abundant in allows more abundance in more areas to come through. So let’s name at least three things you are abundant in.


* LOVE. I have so much love around me every day of my life, with my wonderful three boys, my beloved husband, and my friends.

* Good food to eat! I’ve been enjoying new recipes and nourishing my family in new, delicious ways.

* Sparkles (you knew I had to say that, right?). I have sparkles in my hair, on my handbags, on my clothes, on my car, in my home, in my garden and everywhere I turn!

Okay, let’s try one more exercise for today…name ONE reason why you are NOW abundant in money. Even if you don’t believe it, money is now providing for you in some ways.

* I’m abundant in money because we’ve been able to pay our very expensive mortgage every month on time for the past five years, we always pay our bills, and we have plenty of money for groceries.

We’ll continue our money discussion next week. Until then, rewire how you THINK about money, keep looking for ways that you are abundant in money and other areas of your life and always, always KNOW that you DESERVE  all the riches in the world! ♥


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