CTWorkingMoms.com is a GREAT place to advertise your business or organization. In our first year of existence we had 250,000 hits to the site (Sept 1, 2011 – Sept 1, 2012). That gives us a unique ability to connect you with a direct audience of working mommas! We are selective about who we let advertise on our site (nothing political, only products we believe in etc.) You can purchase an ad for one month, 6 months or a year and we have some discounts available for signing on long-term. If you’re interested in learning more shoot us an email at michelle@ctworkingmoms.com. For a small fee, we can even help you design an ad.

Right now we have two of our larger spots available (the top spot and bottom spot):

And we have several of our smallest, most affordable ad spaces available:

Again, simply shoot us an email for more information! (michelle@ctworkingmoms.com)

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