As I write this I reflect back on my delivery and how quickly the past five months have flown by. I see how much I have already changed as a woman, mother and wife and how my body has quickly changed as well – some aspects for the good and others not so much.

It’s been five months since I underwent a difficult delivery (9 pound baby – need I say more?!).  I always think back to the time when I was in my bed, unable to walk and gazing down the hall as other new moms were walking around holding their babies. That still upsets me and I wish that I was able to do the same – to enjoy the days and weeks after my delivery. The worst feeling in the world is having a new baby, juggling all the emotions and anxiety, while not being able to walk.

Because I was not able to walk for a few weeks and all I could do was sit or lay on the couch while others took care of my baby and even me, I felt helpless, frustrated and sad.  While over time the majority of the pain and discomfort subsided, still, there is some that exists. Here I am five months later and still sore trying to give my child a bath. I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t been exercising like I should and working out those stiff muscles or if it’s going to take a few more months to heal. I know some of you are probably saying, “Then call your doctor to see what’s going on,” but really, what is she going to tell me other than, “it might take a little more time?”

Have any readers out there undergone a difficult delivery and healing process and still at times physically feels sore? What has your doctor told you and what are you doing to help aid in the recovery process?

While no two pregnancies are the same and neither are the deliveries, please share with us your experiences and what you are doing to help yourself.

p.s. Rest assured the next posting will be a little more uplifting! 🙂


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