In last week’s Magical Monday post we talked about how we FEEL about money and whether or not we think we DESERVE to be rich. As I mentioned last week money does not have to be some elusive thing, it’s simply energy. If we’re focusing on LACK of money, that is what we’ll get. If we focus on how we are ABUNDANT already, more abundance will continue to flow in. So stop telling stories of lack. Change the statement “I never have enough money for (fill in the blank)” to “I am ALWAYS provided for.” Lack is a habit and it CAN be changed. I super-duper promise!

As we continue to strengthen our Abundance Muscles, I thought it would be fun to play a game. It’s a Virtual Shopping Spree (btw Pinterest would be FANTASTIC for this!). First decide on an amount of money you’d like to spend ~ not HAVE or SAVE, but SPEND! It doesn’t matter the amount but I do like to say the higher the better. Be OUTRAGEOUS! Next make a list of the things you’d like to spend your money on. Spend it on you, your family, your friends, organizations, charities, causes ~ whatever you can imagine. Most importantly, this should be fun!

So here we go! I would like to spend 333 Billion Dollars! (Yes, that is an outrageous amount, but my Abundance Muscle has always been strong. Feel free to spend thousands…but AT LEAST thousands!)

I’m going to spend my 333 Billion Dollars on:

* paying off ALL my debt in one fell swoop! (Oh, that felt good!)

* buying the house next door, knocking it down and building a self-sustainable solar barn with a luxury apartment in the loft (for guests).

* after our barn/loft is built we’re going to stay in that for awhile while we upgrade our current house so it truly reflects our tastes, desires, and wildest imaginings! (Wait until you get a load of THIS!)  It will also be self-sustainable, solar, and in harmony with Nature with tons of water features surrounding us!

* buying the surrounding land around us and putting in a pond, orchard and horse stable.

* buying more homes around my town that my extended family will love…and having everyone move here!

* buying even more homes around my town, making them self-sustainable and earth-friendly, and then donate them to families.

* buying the Essex River Museum and turning it back into a tavern (why they turned a tavern into a museum I’ll never know. One is DEFINITELY more fun than the other).  This will be more than a tavern, however. It will house our family’s budding micro-brewery AND it will serve only fresh, organic, local and imaginative foods. It will also be the most family-friendly dining experience you could ask for, with train tables next to each dining table, a climbing wall, a HUGE fish tank, among other things. This will be the HUB of Essex and will revolutionize the whole town!

* buying a carousel to donate to the Essex Park! And a wishing fountain!

* putting in an organic juice and smoothie bar!

* buying a building with adjacent garden areas and turning it into a Homeschooling Exploration Center complete with arts, crafts, games, computers, instruments, and whatever else can be imagined! The garden that the students tend will be a major source of food for our tavern!

* I’d also dress up in my wings and randomly hand out $100 bills to people on the street, surprise people by paying for their meals and buy people a round of drinks (in our tavern of course!)

OH MY! This is SO MUCH FUN! I can feel the abundant energy flow to me as I type!

Seriously, this is a fun but also POWERFUL exercise and if you’d like to have more money I highly encourage you join me and spend some virtual dough!

Your list will be as unique as you are and I can’t WAIT to read it. Please share with me…and then I’ll buy you a drink!

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