I probably should have disclosed this information in my This is Me post, but I need you to know something…

I am a proud minivan owner.

I’ve got two words for you: SLIDING DOORS.

When I was pregnant with my second baby, Audrey, one of things I was giddy about (seriously!) was buying a minivan. Yes, we’d only technically have two children, but we do like to spend a lot of time with my nephew and the idea of squishing that poor guy between two carseats? Well. Let’s just say Olivia puts him through enough.

So, my hugely pregnant self said goodbye to my cute little Camry and hello to a new (to us — good GRIEF, minivans are expensive. Makes sense, what with ALL THE AWESOMENESS THEY PROVIDE.) Toyota Sienna.

Aw, yeah. The original Swagger Wagon:

I seriously love this thing. And… I don’t understand why people hate on the minivan. Why they are embarrassed to drive one or think they’re becoming “those people” they swore they’d never be. Who are those people? Parents? Are you afraid people will know you have kids? Um. I’m pretty sure THEY ALREADY KNOW. Gasp! Is it because you think they’re ugly? Even the nicest ones now are no sports car, but it’s not like they’re PT CRUISERS (Sorry if you own a PT Cruiser.).

Is it wrong to be thought of as the soccer mom? If it is, then I don’t want to be right, y’all. I don’t go as far as to put the little sticker family on my back windshield, but fist bumps to anyone who does. Go for yours, proud parents!

We take a family vacation to upstate Vermont every summer. The year Olivia was one we took our SUV and it was so packed with stuff for one child, we had to enlist my husband’s parents to bring her stroller because we couldn’t fit it. One kid. True story.

The next year we had the minivan. We took Olivia, Audrey and my nephew… two pack n plays, a double stroller, bouncy seat, a full sized SWING (Oh, infant Audrey and your colicky demands.) as well as the two carseats and all our bags and had room to spare.

Try to contain your excitement, children.

The room alone is enough to make me swoon. I mean, I’ll be honest: do I need 18 cup holders? No, but I’LL TAKE ‘EM. And the third row. Can we talk about the third row for a minute? It’s not a fake, squishy, rock-paper-scissors to who gets stuck there third row. It’s a for real, fit-three-people-comfortably third row. And? AND?! You still have a giant truck space. I can put seven grown people in my van and probably all of their stuff with no problems. Plus, the gas mileage is better than our SUV. Oh! And it drives like a car, not a bus. I could go on and on.

But, I’d rather hear from you! If you are a hater, why? I’m not saying you can’t just plain old prefer a different vehicle to suit your family’s needs. I completely understand that. Not for you. I get it. It’s the HATE. Lots of people I know simply won’t even consider one. Because… they hate comfort? Individual climate control? Sliding doors? Extra leg room? Help me out!




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