In a somewhat spin-off of CT Working Moms – “What I’ve Learned in my 28 Years,” I thought I would come up with a list of my top 5 lessons in motherhood to date.

1. Under 3 months of age – go with her cues as to when she wants to eat and when she needs to sleep.

2. After 3 months if you feel she needs a nap (i.e. rubbing eyes or yawning), put her down. Let her cry it out for 5, then 10, then 15 minutes while going in occasionally to hold her for a minute and then placing her back down. I know this is hard, but she is fighting for your company – not because she is hurt or in pain.

3. Schedule, schedule, schedule. This doesn’t mean that at 3 weeks she needs to eat or sleep at the same time, but a consistent routine/schedule is very important. I followed my friend Becky’s advice by doing – bottle, book, play, bed. It definitely helped.

4. Don’t be afraid to take her places in public. Who cares if she cries and people get frustrated? That’s life.

5. Share responsibilities with your spouse or significant other. Don’t do it all yourself as you can’t do it all and need help. It’s ok!

What tips do you have for moms? For moms with babies under 1 year, please list a tip for each month they are. If over 1, please list a tip for each year as well as something you would have done differently in that time. For example, you learned that swaddling helped your baby sleep better, but you realize that giving a bottle whenever they cried at night only got them dependent on falling asleep with a bottle rather than self-soothing.

Let’s share some tips!

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