Why is it so hard to stay motivated?

I’ve made declarations – even here on the blog – about putting myself back on the priority list, about taking better care of myself, about getting in better shape.

I started an awesome workout plan a few months ago and I was doing really well for about a month. Then, I can’t even remember what happened. But missing one day lead to missing two… Then a week. Then, before I knew it, it had been several weeks since I’d last worked out.

WHY does that keep happening to me? I have a great support system. I have the tools and the time (sort of.). I love the program. I just keep losing my motivation. Well, that and I haven’t slept in seventeen months. But, I’ll spare you from another exhausted rant about that. Today.

The most depressing part? Today should mark 60 days of the program. I should be looking at some incredible side-by-side photos of me on day one and day 60 and instead? I’m sitting on my laptop ignoring the fact that my pants are getting too tight AGAIN.

Well, today marks my third attempt. I’m going for it from day one all over again and while, yes, I know I’ve said this twice before (this year) that THIS is IT, I’m saying it again. THIS IS IT, PEOPLE.

And, to help keep me even more accountable? In addition to logging in daily with my Working Moms on the Move and Turbo crews, I’m going to add a little update about my progress to each Monday’s post. I know! Aren’t you dying of excitement? I AM!!!

I’m using the following as today’s motivation:


Photo courtesy of MariaKang.com

Tired and weary out of shape body? Consider yourself ON NOTICE.

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