I’m not super crafty but I enjoy making pretty things and I like to think that I do a decent job with small projects.  You may remember my prior post describing how to make a Baby Melon Head Fruit Salad, which was a HUGE hit at my cousin’s baby shower.  I still encourage anyone looking for a side dish to bring to a baby shower or baby event to tackle the fruit salad baby.  However, if you are looking for something a little bit easier to put together and a project that can show off your artistic style while also serving as a gift and decoration, then a diaper cake is probably a better choice.

Diaper cakes have been around for at least as long as I have been old enough to have babies and I have seen a half a dozen or so of these shower centerpieces over the years.  The traditional version is composed of diapers individually rolled and rubber banded and then stacked around an empty cardboard paper towel roll.  If you have been to a baby shower within the last 10 years, then you have probably seen one of these “classic” diaper cakes.

Here is a lovely sports-themed diaper cake that was made for my recent shower by our very talented and crafty blogger Sarah.  As you can see, she used bright ribbons with varying designs for added color and detail.


Another way to make a diaper cake is to stack the diapers and fan or spiral them out like dominoes to make the tiers instead of rolling the diapers.  I used this non-traditional method to create the diaper cake below for Sarah’s recent shower and I have to say that it turned out beautiful!  I did call on my husband for assistance to help me get the bottom tier together but once I got the hang of it, putting the tiers together was not difficult.


The decorations for the shower were “giraffe-inspired” and I decided to use a wooden Melissa & Doug toy to serve as the cake topper but you can use anything from fresh flowers to a silver sippy cup depending on your taste.

You will need plenty of diapers and I typically have used Size 1 rather than the smaller newborn diapers because as we all know, new moms are busy and it may be a while before the recipient has time to disassemble your masterpiece.

For an added treat, use a bottle of bubbly or favorite wine  as the cake anchor instead of a cardboard paper towel roll.  This will most likely be a welcome surprise to the lucky momma who takes the cake apart. Get creative and have fun and the new mommy will surely appreciate your efforts!


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