When I was a child, my grandmother was the back rubber extraordinaire.  She was tireless and fair – making sure that each of her grandchildren got their fair share back rub.  We took it for granted, expected it and at times even demanded it.  And she complied with grace, generosity and purpose.

I just sat down to write this blog and my 12-year-old said “can you rub my back” as she sidled up to me and my lap top – fully expecting a back rub regardless of any other activity I might be preparing to endeavor.

With a smile on my face I have to think this is what being a mom is about – rubbing backs with love and care while trying to do 5 or more other things at the same time.  So, as I write this blog I stop every few sentences to rub her beautiful little back, cheer on the Chicago Bears, strategize completion tactics for tomorrow’s to do list, feebly answer a chemistry question for my 16-year-old, read what I hope will be my last text, plot with my 16-year-old tomorrow night’s homework – a sleep over with her Healthy Relationship’s class baby-cry-pee-and-poop-a-lot-so-you-know-how-much-it-would-suck-to-be-a-teen-mom assignment, and drink my 64th ounce of water that will surely make me pee all night.

Some might say I’m a super mom, but as all moms know, this is just being a mom – rubbing backs with love without skipping a beat.  I hope I never forget to stop and rub my daughters’ backs – and if they ever give me grandchildren, I hope to be as gracious and generous as was my grandmother when I was a demanding little 12-year-old.

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