Last Friday I experienced one of the hardest rites of passage any parent will face- my child underwent surgery at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  The procedure itself was non-invasive, and non-life threatening, but nonetheless, he still required anesthesia and was asleep during the entire procedure.  I am so happy to report that he made a lightning fast recovery, and in true Jake fashion was gobbling down McDonald’s french fries one by one all the way home.  Hey, when you’re the sick kid, you get what the sick kid wants, right?  And, after depriving him of food from the night before the operation, that little belly needed some good old fashioned kid comfort food, and the Happy Meal toy that comes with it!

We started the morning off very very early in order to be at the hospital for our 7:20 a.m. check in time.  I, of course had the same feeling in the pit of my stomach that precedes all of my half marathons- you know, that awful nervous feeling like you’re going to barf all over the place at any given second?  Yep.  The entire ride from home to Hartford.  We arrived at CCMC and pulled right up to the valet parking area, and unloaded Jake, his diaper bag, and his favorite Mickey Mouse life-sized stuffed animal, and we were off to the surgery floor.  Fortunately for children going through procedures and visits at CCMC, the entire place looks like an awesome children’s museum/art exhibition.  Jake could not have been more at ease in this place.  So many colors, murals, flying things, statues, and toys around every corner.  I was even starting to feel distracted by all of the bright shiny sparkly accents.  Sheesh, too bad all hospitals couldn’t be like this…

We checked him in, and awaited to be escorted into the operating room.  CCMC really does think of everything.  They allowed me to scrub in with my little Spud and hold him as we walked into the operating room.  He was still all smiles up until I had to sit him down onto the tiny little operating table.  I think the jig was up.  No toys in this room.  Only big bright lights and shiny metal objects.  He knew something was up.  The doctors placed a little oxygen mask near his face while I held him in my arms.  Once the tears started pouring down his face he slowly began to fall asleep on me, and I very gently placed his tiny sleeping body down.  It was when his tears stopped, mine started.  As I was leaving the operating room with a nurse, she touched my shoulder and told me how well I did, and how strong I was for Jake.  I couldn’t let him see me crying for him, and once the coast was clear, it was now me who had tears pouring down my face.  I don’t think I stopped my bouts of crying until the doctor came up to my husband and I in the family waiting room to say everything went fine, and Jake is resting in recovery.  Instant relief.  My stomach instantly felt at ease, and I managed to eat half of a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel before we were escorted in to see a sleepy and crying, but very much recovering sweet baby Jake.  I’m so happy to report that my little Spud is quite back in action- he was already running laps up and down the hallway an hour after we returned home, and pretty much refused his pain meds in lieu of homemade pizza from Nonna & Poppy, who I had on speed dial, and thankfully arrived within minutes of us coming home.  We spent the rest of the day coloring pictures as a family, eating pizza and drinking from the Carlo Rossi jug, just thankful that this whole ordeal was behind us. 

Jake enjoying a post-op popsicle while Momma refuses to let him out of her sight!

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