Newsflash: “Going Green” can actually come in all shades of colors!

That being said, check out this fun way to put those old, broken, good-for-nothing (or so you thought!) crayon bits to great use by turning them into NEW, even BETTER (if you ask me) crayons!

All you need:

  • Muffin tin (one that you will not use for baking food items in) – I purchased a 6 muffin tin at my local dollar store! *Note: candy and soap making molds can also be fun to use because you can make crayons of different shapes and sizes!
  • Broken crayons (the more colors the better)
  • Knife

 What to do:

  1. After making sure to remove all of the paper labels from the crayons, start by cutting the broken crayons into small pieces using a sharp knife. (This should be done by the adult)
  2. Pre-heat your oven to 250 degrees F
  3. Fill your muffin tin with about an inch thick of broken crayon bits
  4. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until all of the wax has melted
  5. After your tin is cool, pop out your crayons and start coloring!


Looking for a fun party favor for the kiddos? Why not make a bunch of these multi-colored crayons? They’re sure to be a hit!

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