When I was pregnant the first time people told me not to register for it because it was a waste of money and I would never use it. So…I never registered for it. When baby #2 came around I found myself stuck in awkward moments of needing to put on the shoes of a nineteen month old, and no free hand to do it. So…I went out and bought the relatively cheap version (I was still a skeptic, and not willing to invest almost $200 on the top of the line model). Now, with baby #3, it’s my secret weapon!
Thank you Bengt and Luanne Lager, owners of Regal Lager, Inc for creating the Baby Björn!
As a mother of three young girls I never have enough free hands to do everything that needs to get done. This past week my husband celebrated his birthday and to surprise him I organized a dinner and invited his friends to join him. For the first time since the arrival of our third daughter, I was on my own for the day and for the night, including baths and bedtime, with all three girls. The Baby Björn saved my life! The best thing about this handy little swedish contraption is that my daughter loves being in it. Each time I put her in, she cuddles up to me, looks around for a few minutes and drifts off to sleep. She is super cozy and comfy and rests peacefully while I am carrying her around. I must insert one small warning here for nursing mothers; each time I wear my daughter in the Baby Björn I experience leakage on my left side, which is strange, because I rarely ever leak. So be prepared and aware!
Thank goodness she enjoys being in it because this Mom has got a lot to do! On this particular evening when I was flying solo, I was able to do the following while wearing my beautiful newborn daughter in the Baby Björn:
– help supervise the making of an apple tree painting with stamps and stickers,
– make meatloaf, roasted red potatoes and green beans,
– serve dinner to my four-year old and two-year old,
– sit down and eat dinner myself,
– clean up from dinner,
– do the dishes,
– write out thank you notes,
– pack lunches and backpacks for the following day
– change over and fold the laundry
– enjoy a glass of Wild Earth Pinot Noir (which has a screw cap, another secret weapon for busy moms on the move!)
– clean up the toy room
– draw a bath (I had to move the baby to her bouncy seat to give the older girls a bath, this wonderful invention does have SOME limitations).
– eat a bowl of coffee ice cream with chocolate sprinkles (I did drop the tiniest bit of ice cream on her sweet little head, but it made her smell even more delicious!)
Where would I have been without the Baby Björn? It is truly a life saver.
Thinking back, I have accomplished many other feats in my Baby Björn:
I hosted my daughter’s two-year old birthday party while wearing my five month throughout the day.
I assembled a dinner party for eight while wearing my five month old.
I potty trained a toddler while wearing her sister in the Baby Björn.
I’ve made out with my husband, yelled at him, argued with him, and made up with him, all while wearing a baby in the Baby Björn.
What are some of your greatest accomplishments in the Baby Björn or your baby carrier of choice?
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