I consider myself lucky.  All of my friends had kids before me and I gathered a wealth of knowledge from them.  I became a new mom with more tips and tricks than most.  But situations always come up that you hadn’t anticipated and you need to find a way to McGyver a solution.  With that being said, here are three of my favorite episodes:

1)  From day one, my son could sleep through sirens, thunderstorms, and howling banshees.  The kid was born in New York City after all so I guess there’s no other way.  What woke him up however was the slightest creak of the hardwood floors. No matter if I tiptoed, placed rugs, or wore socks, the floors would still squeak at me.  It was maddening. MADDENING!  Our babysitter came up with the first solution.  She tested all the hardwood planks and figured out which ones didn’t creak.  When she scurried, skipped, and slid around our apartment, it looked like a cross between hopscotch, Twister, and krumping.  But hey, the kid stayed asleep, so we all learned how to bust the moves, too.

2) When we moved to West Hartford, we encountered creaky floors all over again.  To compound the problem, the floors in our house are even more sensitive than the old apartment, and the safe zone on each plank leaves no room for error.  One day, a lightbulb blinked on in my husband’s head, “What if we could mark the spots that make no noise with glow in the dark tape?” Two minutes later, giddy with self-congratulation, we purchased our adhesive savior on Amazon.com. I’m sure we looked like mental patients jumping around the house testing different areas of the floor for boobie traps.  The tape itself looks gaudy, not to mention completely out of place on our old hardwood floors.  But hey, it worked!  Skipping from tape to tape reminds me of the old playground game where you pretend the ground is made of lava and you lose if you touch it.  Only this time, it’s for real!

3) Departing from stories of squeaky floors, my last fabulous solution to babies who is the Baby Buddy Secure-A-Toy.  How many times have you had to pick up pacifiers, teethers, toys, and bottles from the ground?  Aiven’s favorite pastime was testing Newton’s theory of gravity, so I was picking up after him ALL THE TIME.  This was especially aggravating when babywearing my not-so-little baby, and there must be well over a dozen of Aiven’s pacifiers being used as flotation devices by New York’s enterprising sewer rats.  Enter the Secure-A-Toy, which is like a baby carabiner.  Well, it’s more like a string with two loops on either end.  With one end firmly attached to the car seat, stroller, or baby carrier, I could suspend practically anything from the other side: a pacifier, toy, bottle, you name it!  I even started hanging bagels from it!  (Bagels = disposable teethers).  Voila!  Nothing ever got dropped or lost again, and everything was a quick tug and a pull from my sweet little boy. Of course I looked ridiculous when I would wear my son in the baby carrier and half a dozen tentacles sprouted a variety of baby apparati.  But when I saw other mamas struggling to keep up with their kids windmilling everything back onto the floor, I felt pretty clever. 🙂


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