Back when I was a kid, lo these many years ago, parents did things like this . . .

 bronzed baby shoes


. . . and this . . .

silhouette old style


. . . to preserve their kids’ childhoods.  If your mom was really organized about this kind of stuff (and my mom was not, sorry, Mom!), maybe you had a baby book with every milestone documented and gift recorded.  My mom may not have kept up my baby book, but she did keep all of our baby teeth in a baggie in her dresser drawer, gross.  (When I asked for a rebuttal for this post, my Mom said, “I relied on the public school system to preserve your childhood for me!  I have every plaster of paris hand print to prove it!!  Oh, and your teeth are still in my drawer.”  Touche, Mom.)

Nowadays, we have blogs where we record every burp, spit up and poop.  Maybe no one but the parents and grandparents actually read the blog but dammit, everything is documented for posterity.  We also have Pinterest.  Now, I know there’s been some backlash against Pinterest lately (some of it from our own bloggers) because it makes mamas feel inferior and guilty if they can’t be all crafty and perfect like Martha Stewart.  I get that, I really do.

But for those of mamas who really are crafty and perfect (ahem, kidding), it can be inspiring.  I would never be caught displaying some tacky bronze booties on my mantel (because bronze is so, like, ’77), but I would (and do!) rock some other awesome keepsake ideas I found on Pinterest.  Behold:


nostalgia collage


So maybe I’m old school after all, because I’m preserving my boys’ childhood in the most meaningful way I can.  Now excuse me while I go figure out how to make one of those silhouette pictures for above my mantel.


Photo credits here and here.
Pinterest idea credits here, here, here and here.


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