First and foremost I have a message to single mothers and that is:  I don’t know how you work full-time, possibly even with multiple jobs and still make time to be an amazing mother. Cheers to you.

During the month of October my husband is gone every weekend at a special rescue training course for firemen.  I’ve known about this for over a year and while I thought being with a five month old on the weekends by myself would be tolerable, I now see otherwise.

From refusing to take naps, to trying to cook, clean and go on errands in between, being the sole person on the weekends with your child is hard and a lot of work. I know I am preaching to the choir on this, but wow it can be draining by lunchtime.

After this past weekend I’ve thought to myself, how do single moms do it? Or, how do married moms do it when their husband works third shift or on the weekends? I guess I haven’t fully appreciated the great work my husband does until he isn’t around to help.

For all the moms out there who are either single or have a husband who has a hectic work schedule, tell me – how do you balance? How do you juggle? When do you find time to yourself?

Here’s a quote to leave you with, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” -W.R. Wallace


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