Let’s play a game of pretend this Magical Monday. Well…not exactly pretend. Let’s play a game of KNOWING.  No, that’s not it either. Okay, we’ll do both. Let’s play a game of PRETENDING WE KNOW. Just for one day, let’s pretend we know that EVERYTHING IS PERFECT just as it is right now. Just for one day, let’s pretend that we know that EVERYTHING is working out exactly as we want it. Just for one day let’s pretend that we are EXACTLY the person we’ve been yearning/striving to be all these years. Let’s take today and just totally go with the flow, knowing that the Universe is conspiring for our greatest good. Is this little game possible? YES! Because this is how I experienced my day yesterday.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect or easy to play this game. I played it with a morning hang-over (a little residue from my all-out-night-of-fun celebrating ctworkingmoms.com 1 year anniversary. Whoohoo!),  and with 2 very sick little boys who inadvertently wiped their snot on me all day. And yet despite the headache, VERY little sleep, and two boys who needed me all day long, I had the most peaceful day where I even experienced moments of insane happiness. There was an underlying feeling of intense joy and well-being…just because.

So what would this game of “Pretending We Know” look like for you?

I got there by:

* Knowing that despite my tiredness and headache I would be provided for in each moment ~ with naps, support, rest, etc.

* Handling every interaction with LOVE and non-resistance: “Oh, little 4 year old, you need me to wipe your nose for the 137th time within the hour? No problem! I love you, Sweetie!”

* Relishing the moments: There was a moment when my baby was nursing to sleep that his little hands were giving me a hug and I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

* Treating every imperfection as my friend.  I caught a glimpse of my cellulite in the shower and surprised myself by saying “Hello, Friend!” (Seriously, this is a true story. It surprised the hell outta me!)

* Redirecting negative emotions: There was a moment when interacting with some cherished on-line friends where I was envious they were experiencing something I was not. Then I decided I was hearing about their stories  because I was about to experience the same thing! Total vibe-raiser!

* Being in the NOW. Cliche, I know, but if we don’t worry about the future based on what happened in the past…well, that’s just plain FREEDOM.

I believe when we act like this, a barrier of resistance dissolves around us. Without that energetic barrier, the things we truly desire can find their way to us much easier. We enter into a flow with all of creation where we can dance with life, immerse ourselves in joy, and invite all good things…and that’s when the magic really happens.

Just for one day, I was a Master in my own world. And it felt so damn good, I just might do it today too. ♥

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