It’s unavoidable.

Halloween Hurricane!




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We are usually pretty laid back about storm prep, but we may be taking this a little more seriously. And I realize that our storm preparations are different now (with kids) than they used to be.

This not only involves having things charged, fueled and accessible, but also having plenty of activities at the ready. I’m not freaking out about having bread and water, I’m freaking out about what I will do in a dark house without power and 2 boys (5 and 2) chomping at the bit. FOR DAYS!

Some of the things I am trying to do:

  • We have board games at the ready
  • More pumpkins to decorate
  • Warm clothes put out if we lose heat
  • Travel DVD player charged
  • New crayons ready to open
  • Plenty of food
  • Extra blankets from the attic so the boys can create tents for “pretend camping”
  • 2 extra toys in the attic that they never opened from last Christmas (in an emergency)

Anyone else have any ideas? Please share!

The other thing is easing their fears. Andrew heard his friends at school saying that trees will fall on houses and cars. We walked outside today to point out that many of the trees are far away but that we will be away from windows or in the basement if it gets very windy or scary.

We are going to try to make as much fun out of this as we can. I want my boys to feel safe, if possible.

We will have a place to go if we do lose power (the in-laws) but we also don’t want to leave in the middle of the storm to go to a place with power.

Schools are cancelled already for the next 2 days.

I hope everyone stays safe and can be in as safe a place as possible. Furthermore, that all of the parents out there make the most of the potential TV-free and computer-free time with the kids!


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