Our creations we ALL helped make!

I know it IS Halloween today, but if you are like us- due to the storm earlier this week- your Halloween parties at school got pushed to Friday .  If not, then bank this idea for next year.

Ava’s daycare has a no homemade snacks for the kids rule (presumably for allergies) and Miles’ class has a peanut allergy.  Last year we made just the Mummy Juice boxes, but this year we added Frankenstein and a Pumpkin for a complete Spooky Juice array!

By the way, remember my rant about Pinterest?  Full disclosure, I may have gotten this idea from them last year.

For the Mummies last year we used sports-bandage tape, but this year colorful duct tape can be found just about anywhere!  Here’s what you need to make your Spooky Juice!

Items You Need:

– Juice Boxes

– Colorful duct tape

– Googly eyes and beads (for little ones who are still putting things in their mouths, you can just get a sheet of black tape where you find the duct tape and cut out your eyes, nose mouth)

– Glue Dots

What to do:

– Wrap your juice boxes in the colorful duct tape.  You may want to do this step beforehand for the little ones, since it takes a while and is no fun to watch.

(It was suggested by our blogger Jennifer Seiderer that you may want to leave the ingredients showing for allergies- our juice boxes had the list on the outside sleeve and I will put that in the box with all the decorated ones).

– Add eyes, noses, mouths, bolts, whatever you want for you characters.   The glue dots are more expensive than Elmer’s or a glue gun, but the whole family could actively participate.  Ava had a great time putting together the beads for Frankenstein’s bolts.

– Use the time for some learning!  Ava was using her fine motor skills and practicing counting.  “How many have we finished?  How many do we still need to do?”  Miles was using math skills to determine things like, “if each box needs 2 eyes and we have 5 boxes, how many eyes do we need to count out?”  Neither one had a clue they were learning, they were just having fun!


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