Halloween has always been my absolute favorite holiday, ALWAYS.  Ask my parents, ask my college friends, it’s Halloween.  Not just when I was a goth in high school, either.  When I was a kid . . . when I was in Social Work school . . . now that I’m a mother . . . always.

No idea what I was going for here . . .


I remember once being the butt-end of a horse costume.  I was a ghost, a mummy, and witches galore.  One year when my sister was a teen and I was a grade-schooler, my mom made us coordinating costumes:  I was a stop sign and my sister was a “curves ahead” sign, ha ha.  Wish I had pics of those!!  At my Halloween costume parties in college, someone invariably thought it was hilarious to come as a priest.  I swear, every year there was at least one man of the cloth at this atheist’s house!

Being a witch comes naturally to me.


Now that I have two boys, I can’t wait to get them really into Halloween.  So far it’s been difficult to tone it down, though, and keep the festivities age-appropriate for the lil’ ones.

This skull hanging on our door yells, “Hey! Where you going? I see you!”


So I have to keep reminding myself that the boys are just small yet and we have lots and lots of years for the scary stuff.  For now, let them just be owls.  The time will come soon enough when they want to be zombies but for now, enjoy the fact that they still want to be Mama’s boys.

Hoot! Happy Halloween!





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