This past weekend my husband and I took a weekend vacation up to the Cape with my parents to visit my cousin, Crissy, and her family.  We intended for it to be a quilting and knitting weekend, punctuated with glasses of pinot grigio, lobster cracking, and italian cookie eating, yet not a stitch was sewn.  But don’t worry- the lobster was cracked and the wine was flowing, so basically perfect vacation for everyone… Perfect, once the naps were taken by the babes, that is!!  Myself with Jake, 20 months, and Crissy with her sweet sweet 8 month baby boy learned to adapt with the boys around (no sewing, but more wine), as this was the first weekend we spent together with them. 

My cousin and I, along with our moms, have always been crafty ladies.  We sew, knit, make fun projects together, and are always trying out new patterns we find on Pinterest and blog sites- even before Pinterest was even a “thing.”  We made crafting cool.  We meet up about 3 times a year to have a craft weekend, but this was the first time we attempted it with our two kids in tow.  Even with the help of our parents and husbands, it wasn’t even possible to plug our sewing machines into the power strips!  It’s cool, It’s cool though- we were able to get in some good old fashioned relaxing and hanging with the kiddos once the naps were taken.  And boy oh boy, are naps key to a successful weekend when you have kids. 

First, Crissy attempted nap time via a good old fashioned stroller ride.  My dad tried to take a pic of the two of us on my iPhone, and while he’s good at a lot of Poppy duties, taking pics is not his strong suit.  We headed off towards the beach but had to cut our route short- her little one just did not want to go down al fresco.  Crissy found complete success with snuggling him to sleep upstairs.  Winning!

I was not so lucky.  I guess I can’t blame Jake.  Why would you want to sleep while on vacation at the Cape?  There’s so much to see!  So much sand to dig in!  We corralled him into his car seat with the promise of a sippy cup of milk, and we literally drove to the end of the Cape.  I think Jake was out within 15 minutes of our hour and a half round trip tour.  Our trek from Eastham took us around the tip of the Cape, literally to the end, winding up in Provincetown.  (Which by the way, is beautiful.  And fun!  Provincetown during Halloween weekend is not to be missed, dear readers).  Obviously we got the sightseeing tour, as we had a sleeping child in the car, but man, such great views!  And a happy ending for everyone. 

Have you gone to the ends of the earth (or the tip of the Cape) to get your little one to nap?  Rode a stroller around your neighborhood 14 times to invite sleep?  Guilty of dancing around in a Bjorn to rock someone to sleep?  (Wish YOU were the one rocked to sleep?!)

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