It was a little funny because a couple of months ago I was standing in my living room holding my son pacing back and forth comforting him when it hit me…

I have a baby, a house, career and a husband.

These things have not have happened overnight and happened over a long period of time but it actually hit me. I am a mother, and wife. I am no longer a college student just having a good time but an actual responsible adult. It’s funny because I am a 31 and been working for all of this since I was a young girl.

I worked hard in school all the way to graduate school to have a career that I liked.

I have dated and been through different relationships to find the match for me in a husband.

I made sure the husband and I were in a good place before we had a child and so happy we had a healthy happy child.

But do you ever look around and be like “Wow this is my life! I have what I wanted as a child! It may not be perfect but everything I worked for has happened!”

This was the moment I had the other night standing with a teething child. I was dealing with a screaming child but in awe of myself I sat there and smiled.


Do you ever think “Wow this is my life, good bad or indifferent?”

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