As our family has recently expanded, I look forward to the holiday season that is quickly approaching. From Thanksgiving at my parents’ to hosting Christmas Eve and spending Christmas Day at my in-laws with my parents, it is sure to be filled with new memories and traditions.  While my baby girl is only six months old, instilling these holiday festivities in her at a youngage  is one of my goals to show her just how important family is. One day when I am older and she starts her own family, I hope that she can continue with the same traditions.

Since this year is very special, marking it as her first Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, etc. we have already gone pumpkin picking, celebrated her first Halloween as a Monkey/Balarina and will be going to get our Christmas tree with my husband’s family and mine.

What are some of your traditions that you look forward to around the holidays? If this is your first year as a mother, what are some traditions you are planning for the first time? I would love to hear what you enjoy.

So often life consumes us and from juggling work and family life, we tend to forget about new experiences the family can embark on and simply continue with the normal weekend routine (i.e., grocery shopping, play dates, family obligations, etc.). Join me in trying harder this year to really enjoy family life and the memories that will never be forgotten.

Happy Holidays!

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