Watching the havoc from this storm has been heart wrenching. I lived in Hoboken and so many of my friends from law school and college live in Long Island, New Jersey and New York City.

We are trying to help friends and family that are close enough, giving to the Red Cross, trying to find drop off areas for some extras stuff we have around the house, etc. It’s probably not much, considering the massive need.

As a parent, it makes me realize that I really want my kids to step up when they can help someone else in need. Without needing prompting, but to have the true compassion to help.

I believe that having compassion towards others helps keep perspective in your life and helps your general outlook and happiness. I’m trying to figure out how to make sure my boys have compassion. But I don’t want to shove it down their throats to the point they get tired of the “obligation” but I want it to come natural to them to care.

Every year we do Christmas present giving for the children’s community school, maybe we will get back to somethings we did before kids, and work more with our church and community organizations like the shelters and Habitat for Humanity.

I want them to have true compassion, not forced action.

I want them to hold the door for someone, pick up money someone dropped and hand it back to them, give someone a free cup of coffee with they need it, etc.

Kids are the center of their own universe. Their life very simply revolves around toys and cookies for a time.

I don’t know if we are doing everything right. We try to lead by example, to be nice to others on a daily basis and try to show them when we are giving something to others. But they don’t get blood donation, walks for charity, etc. yet.

How are you helping your kids be good people?

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