In June, I wrote my This is Me post. In it, I created a few goals for myself , including somehow becoming  “more glamorous and less frumpy.”  This is my progress report.


First, I thought I start by improving my shoe collection, which consists of three worn out choices: black sneakers, black heals, black sandals. But sadly, breaking my foot when I was 8 months pregnant seems to have disfigured my right foot forever.  I have been to every shoe store in the New Haven area- and I mean EVERY store- and nothing is both comfortable and fashionable (except for maybe these moccasins, where the amazing worlds of leopard print fashion and winter slipper comfort unite).  My eyes absolutely love towering pumps like these pink ones, which I actually bought and desperately need to return ASAP, but they just are not teacher, mom, or broken-foot friendly. So unfortunately, I have not had any luck improving my roster of shoes, and instead, I’ve been rotating through the same old three choices,  day in and day out.


Clothes have also been a tease as I’ve tried to improve my mommy-style. I only have a few pounds left before I get back to my pre-baby days weight, but like most moms know, our bodies don’t seem to ever really be quite the same. How come the fashion people of the world don’t do something to help post-baby-body mamas out a little? Why not make a pair of jeans that have room for not just one curve in the hip area, but two or three? I am quite ripply.  I feel as though I need to squeeze into most jeans that I put on no matter the size, because they don’t fit ONE of my ripples! And don’t get me started on trying to find shirts that fit my whole torso, and not just my boobs. I know they are humongous now, but I’m tired of a) getting the larger size for my boobs, and looking like I’m still in maternity clothes because of all of the extra fabric, and b) getting the smaller size and looking like I’m showing off my new pair of implants. And one more gripe about clothes:  why do all of the fashionable things need to be dry-clean only and wrinkle prone? What part of that says mom-friendly?


Last week, five months into my quest to be more glamorous, I had an epiphany while looking at a picture of myself at a good friend’s wedding. In the picture, I look nice enough, dressed in a simple black dress and flashy pink lipstick. But my hair was screaming “I HAVEN’T BRUSHED MY HAIR SINCE MY SON WAS BORN!”  Not only was there about ten-pounds of extra hair on my head, but it was so wild and puffy that it looked as though I must have cut the tail off a horse and glued it to my head. The anxiety swelled in me as I realized that my hair probably looked even worse than that on most days, and I made a plan to change immediately. I started by making a choice many women are frightened take: to cut off a good six inches and …. wait for it…. got BANGS. Real, honest to goodness, Dora the Explorer, BANGS. And I topped it all off with a rich brown/burgundy color any graying 30-year-old would die for. I walked out of that salon, wearing my black sneakers, my sweet potato stained sweatpants and my husband’s white undershirt, shaking my head like I was starring in a shampoo commercial.


I’ve still got some work to do on my goal of going from frumpy to glamorous, but in the last five months of trying to succeed, I’ve learned some things. Here are a few:

1)      Hair is fun: I will get it done often and be adventurous.

2)      The two adults and two kids in my house could spend 90% of the week naked, and I would still have too much laundry to do. Bringing more clothes into the house would only add to my laundry nightmare.

3)      Nobody actually notices my feet. Most people I see during the day are intrigued by more obvious things, like my boys or my lesson plans. Instead of the quest for cute pumps, I’m now on a quest for slippers that people may think are shoes, and see how long I can wear them to work without anyone noticing.


Have you achieved any goals you set for yourself earlier this year?



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