Like most 3 and 1/2 year olds, my oldest daughter is constantly asking me questions.   She is curious about EVERYTHING and it is wonderful, although I have to admit that sometimes I am not always sure how to answer her.  Her preschool is closed today due to the election and so this morning, I decided to take her with me to vote knowing she would have tons of questions.   “Mom, why are all those cars at that school? Why are we going there?  Why do you have to vote?  What’s voting?” and so on and so forth.

On our way to the polls, I did my best to explain to my daughter that the people living in America get to choose a leader for the country by voting every four years.  My daughter looked at me with a smile and nod of her head as if to say she completely understood what I was saying, and she said sweetly, “Mrs. G is the leader of my class when we go outside to the playground.”

I nodded back and said yes, the president is the leader of America just like Mrs. G is the leader of your class.  Too cute.

Happy Election Day and remember every vote counts!

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