I used to watch a lot of TV.  Now I watch almost none.  Why don’t I watch TV anymore?  I’m busier.  I know that television rots one’s brain and I don’t want to help my kids become couch potatoes.  I realize how shallow and demeaning reality TV is and so I don’t want to succumb to that particular addiction.

These are all good reasons to avoid TV, but they aren’t the truth.  I don’t watch TV anymore because since I had kids, I have become a blubbering idiot.  To wit:

There’s this little show on AMC called “The Walking Dead;” perhaps you’ve heard of it?? I’ve hated the character Lori for two and a half seasons now, but I cried Sunday night when she bit it (pun intended).  After the show, my mister went to bed and I watched it again and cried my eyes out AGAIN, even harder this time.  Lori died in childbirth (sorta, it’s a long story) but what really got me was her saying goodbye to her son, Carl (who later shot her in the head, but I digress).

“Carl, baby, I don’t want you to be scared, okay? This is what I want. This is right. Now you take care of your daddy for me, alright? And your little brother or sister, you take care of them. You’re gonna be fine, you are gonna beat this world, I know you will. You are smart, and you are strong, and you are so brave. And I love you. You gotta do what’s right, baby. You promise me you’ll always do what’s right. It’s so easy to do the wrong thing in this world. So if it feels wrong, don’t do it. Alright? If it feels easy, don’t do it, don’t let the world spoil you. You’re so good. My sweet boy. The best thing I ever did. I love you.  Goodnight, love.”


I was SOBBING.  Over a freakin’ zombie show.  Ridiculous.  And then when her husband, Rick, finds out and starts shrieking and falls to the ground in pain?  I felt like a walker just ripped out my own heart.


I can’t stand seeing mothers leave their kids behind, zombie apocalypse or no.  If you are looking for me for the next four Sunday evenings (we’re only halfway through the season!), I’ll be huddled on my couch in front of AMC, cowering in terror and crying over Lori’s motherless babes.



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