Four hours of driver re-training and the movie “Flight” reminded me why I am so proud of my 20 years of sobriety.

For those of you who know me, my driver re-training course may not come as a surprise.  In my friend Amy’s words, “you’re just one of those people who is always one step ahead of yourself”.

As for the movie, there aren’t too many Denzel Washington movies I’ve missed over the years even when it’s about a plane crash.  I am a white knuckle flyer known to ask complete strangers to hold my hand at the slightest turbulence.  This movie was a surprise however because it was as much about alcoholism as it was about a really scary plane crash – one in which Denzel kicks total ass rescuing from complete disaster I might add.

So this week I share with you reflections spurred on by a driving course and a movie that make me grateful for the life I share today with my daughters:

  1. I am amazingly thankful that none of my distracted driving had to do with drinking and that never again will I have to worry about getting behind the wheel of a car drunk;
  2. I am reminded that drinking is not the only distraction one can have when driving and that while having to take driver retraining was both humbling and embarrassing (I easily could have given birth to every other student in the class) it was an important reminder that I and the people who travel in my car are precious cargo for whom I am responsible;
  3. I relish the fact that I will never have a hang over again.
  4. I am humbled by the knowledge that despite always being one step ahead of myself, I still understand my limitations;
  5. I hope I am reflecting to my daughters the dangers that drinking poses them because they have a parent who is an alcoholic and that this in turn helps them make smart choices;
  6. I am reminded of all the shame that goes along with drinking and the freedom I enjoy today because I no longer drink.  Denzel does an amazing job of portraying this particular issue that brought tears to my eyes.
  7. I am strangely thankful for the life I have built and how it has been shaped by my recovery from alcoholism.






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