I have no idea what to get my 5-year-old for Christmas. I feel terrible about it. I mean, moms are just supposed to know what their kids want and like, right? Well, I don’t have  clue and keep asking myself, “what is it that Max likes to do?”

Ben, my preschooler, I have no problem with. He likes all the regular things that 3-year-olds like. Trucks, trains, anything from Jake and the Neverland Pirates are a sure win. He’s pretty easy. He is able to use his imagination to play. He’s not much of a block builder, but he is getting pretty good at roads and train tracks. Santa may just bring him a train table if his dad Santa’s elf is successfully able to make one.

Max however, does not do much imaginative play. It’s just not something that comes easily to him, so this rules out things like blocks or dress up clothes. That, and we got him those last year. His fine motor issues make things like building with Legos or even Duplos difficult and require an adult’s assistance. He already has a bike, a sled, a LeapPad and because his birthday is in the summer, all the yard games a boy could ask for (and our garage can hold).

What he really loves are books. He is also interested in bridges, the states and maps. He also needs things like slippers and snowboots. I do plan to put some on his Christmas list, (books about bridges perhaps) but they don’t really evoke the run down the stairs excited to see what Santa brought kind of holiday image I have in my head. A globe maybe?

I’m at a loss. Any ideas on what I can put on his list? What are your kids asking Santa for this year?

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