My most-est true-est confession this Magical Monday is I got NUTHIN’ to write about except the awesome True Confessions that happened over the weekend on one of my blogs “My Everyday Magic“. Ahhhhhh, (that’s a sigh) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is NOTHING more freeing than coming clean about the perceived skeletons in your closet. Here’s a taste of some of the juicy ones (from various commenters) :

* Sometimes I purposely put the moves on my sweetie when I know he’s too tired so that I earn the “credit” for offering but it’s his fault we’re just going to bed.

* Dh and I are both trying to eat less sugary foods, a few nights ago I got a little narked when he was eating biscuits and then last night I hid away and scoffed a whole huge bar of green & blacks!

* (This one is mine) I have to go to a dog-training class in an hour, which I REALLY don’t want to go to because my doggie embarrassed the hell out of me last class. But I’m going because it gets me the hell away from my family for 2 hours!

* I really want to lose weight AND I really want to eat lots of dark chocolate

* I actually enjoy when my husband works late so I have the evening to myself and no question about whether or not we are having sex.

* Sometimes i wish my kid would just….be different!!!!

* I just can’t seem to like my mother….I try…just doesn’t work!

* I really like to swear even in front of my kids! My husband hates that and secretly it makes me laugh!

* I yell at my kids for not brushing their teeth but I hate brushing my teeth!

* (This one is mine) I just went to the store and there was a slow, old lady in front of me. I was hoping she’d hurry because I was holding my heavy baby who was trying to grab everything ~ then I realized she was just about to pay by check for her $8.80 grocery bill. So I rifled through my wallet praying I had some cash, saw a $10 bill and with great relief I handed it to the cashier saying to the old woman “Please allow me to pay.” She was very grateful and everyone around us thought I’d done this good deed ~ but really I just wanted to hurry things up so I could get the hell outta there! lol! Ah well, it was win-win anyway!

 Aren’t these fantastic? I just love how True Confessions seems to bring us all closer together as we embrace our human-ness.
If you want to read a whole bunch more, check out the weekend post at “My Everyday Magic.”  I got a really good confession over there about wanting to send my 15 month old to boarding school.
And if you’re feeling brave, list some of your own right here!  You know you want to!

Another True Confession: Fairies REALLY like beer!




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