Thanksgiving is this week so probably everyone will blog about things for which they feel thankful.  Makes sense, but I have to say, this week I haven’t been feeling very thankful.  In fact I’ve been feeling grumpy, angry, and full of self-pity.

And then I got a phone call – a voicemail actually – from a friend, one of my best.  She said that she loved me and that no matter what she would always be there for me. – and she has.   She told me that she too gets pissed off at her kids, that her kids sometimes treat her like a door mat, that no matter how hard she works she feels like she never has enough money and she even told me that she too sometimes can only pay the interest on the never ending credit card bill.  But most of all, in that short and kind 20th century reach out, she reminded me that sometimes life is hard but you get through it.

Her birthday is today and she deserves a special day because she is a special person.  We have shared our deepest secrets, our scariest fears, and our happiest moments.  We have made spectacles of ourselves in the locker room at our gym in front of our mortified daughters and we have had fights about American made cars at the Honda dealership that resulted in tears – I know right, go figure.

We have run half marathons together, pushed each other when we needed pushing and slowed each other down when we needed slowing down, and we have listened ad nauseam to each other’s ranting on an as needed basis.

We have agreed and disagreed, talked about how different and yet how similar we are and how weird that is.  We even look alike – although much to my agonizing and life-long body image issues I am jealous of her cute little figure and small waist.    She even took me shopping for clothes when I got this job – my first “don’t have to raise your own salary and do everything on a shoe string” job – so I could look the part.

She also has 2 daughters – her youngest the same age as my oldest.  They have been friends since Kindergarten.    Which reminds me of one of the first times I met my friend.  It was at a Girl Scout meeting.   She was the girl scout mom extraordinaire – and still is – and I was the pissed off girl scout mom who, much to my daughter’s  girl scout ending chagrin, questioned the leader as to why they were taking the girls to a Catholic church because “wasn’t girl scouts a civic organization”?

Every Thanksgiving, she and I go for a walk.   This year, much to my boyfriend’s chagrin, we will go for our walk early in the morning  – and that very small but important part of my day will remind me how thankful I am to have her as my friend.

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