Wow, how badly can I date myself before I even start my post?? Yikes!


Despite that auspicious beginning, this isn’t really a fashion post.  Rather, it’s about saying “To hell with fashion, I adore chubby baby thighs in legwarmers!”  I will admit that I was slow to warm (ha ha) to baby legwarmers.  A couple of years ago, my friend posted this picture of her adorable Kiddo:


While I admired his (or his Mama’s) ability to clash patterns with such ease, I was not convinced of the utility of legwarmers on babies.  What was the point, exactly?  Was it a baby fad just because we mamas were children of the 80s?  I was dubious.

Even after giving birth to my first son, I still didn’t buy into baby legwarmers.  After my second son turned one and developed a horrible diaper rash (which I wrote about here), I gave the legwarmers another chance.  I was desperate for a way to keep Little’s sore bum open to the air in order to heal while still keeping him warm in the cold winter in a house with all hardwood floors and parents who keep the thermostat as low as possible.  I’m sure you can see where this is going . . . I SAW THE LIGHT!  I was a convert!  Not only did they do what I needed them to for Little’s rash, but they were also super easy for diaper changes and great to protect baby knees while crawling on cold, hardwood floors.  And for potty training??  Get out!  Can’t beat ’em, especially for little boys, who (at least in my house) otherwise go commando.

Best of all is their general swoon-worthiness.  Seriously now, who can resist chubby baby thighs and knees in these things?  Freakin’ adorable!  Judge for yourself from these pics of my Little along with some of our other bloggers’ babies:


I could eat ’em up!  For the record, I’m not partial to any one brand of baby legwarmers.  I’ve bought lots of different ones and I’ve even made some of my own by cutting the feet off of knee-high socks.  The DIY ones don’t stay up as well as the store-bought ones because I was too lazy to do any modifications, but if you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could probably whip a bit more elastic in the spot you cut and they’d be perfect.

Who else out there loves the lil’ ones in legwarmers?  Or are y’all still too traumatized by that “Let’s Get Physical” flashback to talk to me??


Credit for Olivia’s photo is here.


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