The other day, a colleague told me I needed to jump out of a plane.

“Do it,” he urged. “Push yourself. Get over your fear. Skydive.”

His enthusiasm was met with my vehement hellllllll no. Not this girl. Not gonna happen.

And yet, the intent behind the challenge stuck with me. I spend my days coming up new experiences for my daughter, like picnics in the park, trips to the fair, or tackling a new puzzle. But when was the last time I took on something new, just for myself?

Eons ago, I had clipped out a saying from a page-a-day calendar. “Yoo hoo!” it beckoned. “Don’t get too small. Don’t forget to nurture more of yourself.” The tiny slip of paper followed me through both of my 9-to-5 jobs where I dutifully taped it to the top of my computer monitor. There it sat as a daily reminder to push and develop different parts of myself. Because of it, over the years I taught myself to knit, took belly dancing and Pilates classes, enjoyed tennis lessons, and fed my soul with lots of live music.

The paper got packed away when I left my last office job, perhaps along with the ambition to get out there and try something new.

My colleague’s words may have been in passing, but I’m taking them seriously. The gauntlet has been thrown. What’s next?

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