I love the holidays and love thanksgiving, but the last two thanksgivings have been slightly different. I was not the well-rested, put together woman in a nice outfit. I was the tired, barely shaved and showered mother who is ready to go to bed before I even went.

My son has been teething (which is a whole other topic) and not sleeping as well. I should not complain since he is usually a great sleeper, but last night he was not. It is funny because I used to be hung over the morning of thanksgiving from staying out late and now I feel that way without having crazy stories to remember the next day.

I am writing this post at 8:00 pm after a wonderful holiday with a glass of wine and do not feel bad one bit that I am going to go to bed by 8:30pm and I do not care about the dishes in the sink, laundry in the dryer and that my husband is asleep on the couch.

I am going to drag my lazy behind upstairs and going to bed to hopefully wake up refreshed. So I am sorry this is a shorter, boring blog but ladies you are mothers and you know what I am talking about. So to every mother who is exhausted today or tomorrow I salute you and me. May our children sleep well and our partners not snore so we can wake up normal and happy.

P.S: Teething blows but wine rocks

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