Most of the beauty that I’ve experienced in my life is the result of contrasts. Like many, the crispness of the autumn air is most palpable when it first appears in the late days of September after the long warmth of summer.  And on those days when I recognize just how different the air feels, I experience life more clearly, feeling and breathing and remembering the beauty of it all.

My husband and I are quite different, which has helped me to live the beauty around me on a daily basis.  And as we finish up this week dedicated to thankfulness, I wanted to share my thanks to the absolutely extraordinary husband that I love with all my heart.

I am winter. He is my summer.

I am often blustery and cold. He is my warm and playful.

I am the last week of December, when days are short and stress is high. He is my last week of June, stretching time and bringing peace.

I am dark outside and 7:30PM bedtimes, becoming old too fast.  He is my fountain of youth, encouraging me to “rage, rage, against the dying of the light” [credit].

I am nights of Father of the Bride in holey PJs under flannel sheets or an I-miss-you-dearly phone call to my sister. He is my let’s get dressed; we’ve got people to see downtown.

I am holiday memories of family tables filled with unusual food and politics, coffee and dancing uncles.  He is my just because it’s Sunday visit to Momma’s and comfort food and spades.

I am you can find that cheaper and let’s use this coupon.  He is my treat ourselves because we work hard.

I am the feeling that can’t let go. He is my deep breath. I am stretch marks and pudge. He is my, “Wow, you’re beautiful.” I am let’s make plans. He’s my just because.

My husband contrasts me, in far too many ways to list here. Each contrast makes my life more beautiful.

Thank you, Brandon, for a life that I can feel, I can breathe, I can remember.

I love you.

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