I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of minted.com until they emailed me to inquire about doing a post about their new holiday card line.

Once I went to the site though, I was in awe of the beauty of all of their card designs! You upload the photo(s) you want to use and you can play around and pick the design that suits your personality the best. In addition, they use high-quality paper to ensure that your cards come out perfectly.

Some of my personal faves:

After looking through the holiday card designs, I dug a little deeper into the company, because as you know we are quite picky about what we’ll review and advertise here on CTWorkingMoms.com. What I discovered is that this isn’t just another online photo card store, it’s a community of independent graphic designers from all over the world!

From their website:

We believe that great design lives and thrives in the hands of indie designers that people may not have access to through traditional retailers. Our goal is to use technology to allow our community to discover the work of great designers from all over the world. And at the same time, create a place where designers can get exposure and build their careers.

Ummmm how cool is that?! So this holiday season, if you’d like to support the work of some talented, indie graphic designers, head over to Minted.com and get yourself some snazzy photo cards!

(If you read this post tonight (Sunday) they have a special that ends tonight: 20% off Holiday Card Orders of $150+, 15% off Holiday Card Orders of $100+. I’m sure that they will have a special sale tomorrow too since it’s Cyber Monday after all!)


I was not paid to write this post however I did receive compensation in the form of product from Minted.com.

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