I’m not one to deprive myself….anymore, that is. I went through the whole eating disorder thing in college, and in my many years as a personal trainer I ate all the “right” things (and told everyone else what to eat as well). I’m so done worrying about carbs, fat, sugar, dairy, etc. I find that if I allow myself to eat whatever I want whenever I want, those forbidden foods don’t beckon to me strongly or often. I don’t have rules about food anymore, and in the ALLOWING, I find that I’m drawn to exactly what my body needs whether it be red meat or chocolate.

And now since we’re really talking, I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of vegetables. To me they’ve always tasted like dirt unless they’re drenched in cheese or dressing. I can go days and days without eating a single green thing, but then out of the blue I’ll find myself craving a salad and relishing it with such delight (I actually scarfed 2 salads in one day over Thanksgiving vaca…and not because I was “shoulding” myself but because I really wanted them). To me it feels like a return to intuitive eating ~ eating what my body needs exactly when it really needs it. Children do this instinctively until well-meaning adults step in and trample their natural wisdom (must keep reminding myself of this as my 4 year old subsists on bean dip for months on end).

If I look back to my childhood I realize that I lived on primarily cheese and bread. A couple of years ago I embraced the fact that I’d still rather eat cheese and bread than absolutely anything else and I declared them my “power foods.” Indeed they still are my go-to foods under most circumstances.

I bet if you look back to your childhood (before it got all discombulated with the voice of society) you’ll discover what your power foods are too.

Food should be sensual and delectable  ~ not something that instills guilt, fear, or “shoulding.”

So, in light of my “power foods” I give you some of my favorite recipes!

* Seven-layer-Tostadas (hubby and I have made this many times and it’s always delish!)

* Beer-Cheese-Macaroni (’cause you just can’t go wrong cooking with beer and cheese!)

* Zucchini-Pizza-Boats (sincerely, drench any veggie in cheese and I’m there.)

* Spicy-Black-Bean-Stuffed-Peppers (these were so awesome!)

* Warm-Spinach-Dip (I’ve made this about 5 times now. Yesterday it was my lunch with carrots, celery, and tortilla chips.)

* Cheesy-Pull-Apart-Bread ( I haven’t tried this one yet but you can be sure I’m going to!)

To hell with the Food Guide Pyramid, low-carb diets, and deprivation as a whole! I say allow yourself to eat what your body really needs ~ and you may find yourself eating exactly what you love. ♥

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