Did you ever fantasize about your dream wedding when you were a little girl?  Or more recently, when you were up late at night in your college dorm after a few drinks talking with your roommates?  Did you dream about who you’d marry, and where you’d live?  This has been the topic of conversation in my home for the past year.  My husband and I have been daydreaming, fantasizing, if you will, about where we would like our family to grow old together.  We have been hunting for the perfect-for-us home since the beginning of the summer, and now it actually looks like we may have found the one.  While details still need to be finalized, we are over the moon.  We are already picturing our son doing his homework at the little desk that is built into his room.  Throwing milestone birthday parties in our back yard, and entertaining guests in the bar in the basement.  (a total splurge, considering our current cramped living situation!)

Where do you see your family in the next 10 years?  Are you planning any additions- you know, the kid kind, not the screened in porch kind ;)? Do you picture your daughter coming down the stairs in her prom gown, or your son practicing his bunting skills in your back yard?  Oh the places we’ll go!

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