For over 7 years my husband and I would do what I call the holiday shuffle. You know you wake up, grab the gifts and go to my parents house first, then his families for another christmas and then meet up with friends.

On a good year we usually made it home by midnight, or later. This was not a huge deal but exhausting and only doable without children. I love being able to see everyone and it was a wonderful day but once we got pregnant my husband and I knew it was going to have to change.

We talked it over and not only did we agree that we shouldn’t move around that much with a newborn we also realized we wanted to hopefully start our own traditions.

What we didn’t realize is how difficult it would be to “pick” which family’s house we go to for each designated holidays. We would pick Thanksgiving and Christmas with either my family or my husband’s.

Honestly we love both sides of the family so that isn’t an issue but we did not want to hurt anyone’s feelings and thankfully my family was ok with this, especially my mother.

I am so thankful she is so understanding. When I mentioned it that we wanted to do Christmas at our house her eyes lit up and she got excited.

She said “Sign me up! You mean I can just come to your home, eat food, drink wine, not have to clean and I get to spend time with my family?” I am brought back to age 14 when my mother is yelling at me for a messy room and she says “I can’t wait until you have your own house I will come over and mess it up!” (Reminder to watch MOM when she comes over)

But I digress…

Other family members were not so receptive to change which makes me feel awful, but luckily my husband will not waver. He actually is the backbone this time around. I am a very strong-willed woman but not when it comes to family and friends.

Yet, his persistance has paid off so this year we are not going to travel everywhere for Christmas but going to have anyone and everyone from our families over to our house to celebrate the holidays.

My husband will do the cooking and I will decorate and clean, while watching Max enjoy the christmas tree and family. It will be so nice to just stay still and see my new family start a new wonderful tradition.

So my question for my fellow mammas is how have things changed for you after having your own children? Do you have the same traditions or starting your own? Has this been an easy transition or tough?

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