Perhaps you knew that in November there were a whole bunch of Facebook pages dedicated to 30 days of gratitude (I only found this out at the end of the month). Everyone I know who participated said that is was “life-changing”  ~ to which I had to say “DUH!”

This may seem an inappropriate response but these same people knew that I’d been involved with my daily gratitude blog, My Everyday Magic, for over 3 years, so OBVIOUSLY I know how life-changing counting our daily blessings can be! DUH! 😉

In any case, it is absolutely thrilling to see more and more people waking up to the fact that just by giving thanks and noticing the little magical things that happen every day ~ even and especially on those bad days ~ is a very powerful way to positively transform our lives. I only hope that those people who participated in the 30 days of gratitude in November keep on keeping on. ‘Cause if you think 30 days is life-changing, try 3 years!

Today I’m grateful for:

* The AMAZING connection I have with some AWESOME bloggers here at We had a wonderful holiday party over the weekend and it always warms my soul to be around these incredible Mamas. ♡

* A BEAUTIFUL blessingway for my Dear Friend Leonore yesterday who is due to have her 3rd baby in a couple of weeks. It was an amazingly powerful ceremony and circle of women! ♡

* Feeling all warm and toasty from my weekend full of Goddesses!

* (Get ready for this one…it’s really good…) My baby SLEPT ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT ALL BY HIMSELF!!! This is coming from a reforming co-sleeper and this is the first night he’s ever been in bed all by himself. I’m beyond THRILLED!!!!!

* My friend and fellow Fairy, Devon, from ~ who is not only a dear friend but a gifted baby whisperer who is giving me tips on my baby’s sleeping transition. Thank you, Devon!

* Sharing a dream with my hubby last night. How incredible when this happens!

* Pizza!

Wishing you a Magical Monday full of love, Goddess energy, sleeping babies, and gratitude! ♡

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