There’s nothing quite like throwing up all day while taking care of a throwing up baby to make you love being a working mom.  Sunday was one of those days which lead to Monday being a day off of work.  Thank goodness for an understanding workplace. But, ugh, I have so much going on at work that staying home was the last thing I needed.  I’ve found though, with baby number 2, that I’m less stressed when these things happen.

Before, I used to freak out and attempt to work while taking care of myself and a baby.  Now, I just take a deep breath, look at my calendar, and see what can realistically be shifted to later on in the week. Especially, since all moms know, “staying home” while sick with a sick child is not really the kind of staying home anyone likes to do.

This experience also brought to light something else I’m finding fascinating about baby number 2,  how different my children are already.  My son loved to be held when he was sick, so it was actually sort of nice. I would hold him and we would nap together. But with Edith, she squirms and freaks out if she’s being held.  She needs her space in order to sleep, which I respect, but man alive being home with her was like a workout, up and down the stairs all day in between cleaning the numerous gross messes.

Thankfully, today is a much better day-kids are at work and once again I’m a working mom! How do you cope when your kids are sick?

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