***Photos and Christmas Card design by Janelle Melnyk Photography***

Last Christmas was the first Christmas we celebrated as a family.  Our favorite photographer, my friend, Janelle, came out to do our shoot in the late summer.  We were tan, happy, and Jake had mastered the art of sitting up, but not running away, which made for some spectacular shots.  When it came time for me to pick out photos for our first Christmas card as a family, the pressure really set in-  Which pics to choose?! There were so many amazing shots of Jake that I finally set aside 3 solos of him, and one of myself, Mike & Jake, our little family.  Mike wasn’t opposed to putting the family shot in there, but he thought it should just be pictures of Jake.  He didn’t think people would want to see pics of myself and him, but would rather have Jake’s adorable mug smiling at them out of the envelope.  I can’t entirely disagree- that kid has an amazing face- but we’re a family, so shouldn’t we all be included on the family card?  At least in one little corner of it?  In the end, we sent out our family card with 3 pics of Jake and 1 of us all looking at the camera and smiling (nothing short of a miracle!) But this year, when designing our card, the debate continues!  Family or no family?  Guess you’ll have to see what we decided when you open your mailbox in the next few weeks.

But now on to you, dear readers- Do you make an appearance on your holiday card?  Or do you showcase your pride and joy exclusively?

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