Christmas Card Debate

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***Photos and Christmas Card design by Janelle Melnyk Photography***

Last Christmas was the first Christmas we celebrated as a family.  Our favorite photographer, my friend, Janelle, came out to do our shoot in the late summer.  We were tan, happy, and Jake had mastered the art of sitting up, but not running away, which made for some spectacular shots.  When it came time for me to pick out photos for our first Christmas card as a family, the pressure really set in-  Which pics to choose?! There were so many amazing shots of Jake that I finally set aside 3 solos of him, and one of myself, Mike & Jake, our little family.  Mike wasn’t opposed to putting the family shot in there, but he thought it should just be pictures of Jake.  He didn’t think people would want to see pics of myself and him, but would rather have Jake’s adorable mug smiling at them out of the envelope.  I can’t entirely disagree- that kid has an amazing face- but we’re a family, so shouldn’t we all be included on the family card?  At least in one little corner of it?  In the end, we sent out our family card with 3 pics of Jake and 1 of us all looking at the camera and smiling (nothing short of a miracle!) But this year, when designing our card, the debate continues!  Family or no family?  Guess you’ll have to see what we decided when you open your mailbox in the next few weeks.

But now on to you, dear readers- Do you make an appearance on your holiday card?  Or do you showcase your pride and joy exclusively?

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  • Meghan

    I must admit our card is all our son. Our names show up, that’s it,LOL!

  • Patti

    We do a family photo–the card is from the family so we put everyone on it. I read something recently about how parents (mothers in particular) tend to tie their own identity in with that of their children’s (and the article used Facebook profile pics of kids rather than the user as an example). I’m not sure how much stock I put into this lost identity theory but I do think it may have some applicability in the card debate, too. And because as a family we are more than just the kids, I include a picture of all of us.

  • Pamela

    Love this topic. I made the cards this year, and we had one pic on the front and spots for three on the back. The front was definitely all kids, no debate there. But I chose pictures for the back that included one more of just the kids, another of my husband and the kids, and the third of the dog. My husband definitely felt like I should have included a photo of myself. I had considered that, but one of my goals had been to show a few different events and outings from our year. All of the pictures that I had with me in them were redundant with the other pictures in terms of event/location, so I went for variety over including myself. I am a bit camera shy, anyway.

    The issue here really is that we have almost NO pictures of the four of us. Add to that both of my kids hate to have their picture taken, refuse to look at the camera, hate posing, etc. Nevermind getting the dog into the mix!

  • Denise George

    I must admit, I tend to showcase my kids (as they are just fabulous!) However, you make me think now that I might have done it differently. I like the family picture in the mix. As a scrapbooker and photographer of my wonderful clan, I tend not to be in too many pictures. It’s so easy when taking pictures of our fabulous kids to leave ourselves “out of the picture”. This is a problem that I’m starting to remedy by passing off my camera to others and asking for at least a couple of me so that we can remember that I was there too. I say keep the family in the pictures. After all, you were there, weren’t you?

    • Denise George

      By the way, you’ll notice that even my profile picture is not me but my dog! I have a serious problem here! LOL

  • bernhardsonbunch

    We did just the boys this year, but I literally JUST said to my husband that I want to do all of us at least in a part of the card like you did. By the way…ADORABLE card!!!

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  • Jen Seiderer

    For Christmas cards from my friends, I really like to see the whole family. Of course I love to see people’s kids but really, I want to see my friends, too! We try to send out ones of the whole family but as you know, my first attempts at family portraits went horrible. We lucked out at Portrait Innovations but it was too hectic to get us all in the shots. We’ll try again next year.

  • Kate Andrew

    This year we sent out a card with 6 pics – one pic of all of us plus our dog, 4 pics of just our son and one pic of just our cat. Last year we actually managed to get a picture of me, hubby, son, dog and cat all looking at the camera. I figured that was some sort of Christmas miracle so I didn’t even attempt it again this year.

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