How do I know a toddler lives in our house? Let me count the silly little ways:

  1. The crunch of a wayward Cheerio can always be heard underfoot.
  2. Alphabet refrigerator magnets have migrated to the cabinet next door and taken up residence in the food processor.
  3. The paint on the door frame between the dining room and kitchen is chipped from repetitive baby wrangling by way of safety gate.
  4. This holiday season, “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas” is our soundtrack and only the top two thirds of the tree is decorated.
  5. All chairs remain constantly tucked under tables so a certain little climber can’t summit Mount Dining Table…again.
  6. Every piece of jewelry I own is strewn about our bedroom floor each morning, because Nora likes to find and bring me my “wre-wrings” while I get ready in the mornings.
  7. Hearing “Hi mommy, hi daddy” over the baby monitor has become my wake up call.
  8. There is always love, laughter and snuggles within these walls.


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