A toddler’s house

Dec 7, 2012 by

How do I know a toddler lives in our house? Let me count the silly little ways:

  1. The crunch of a wayward Cheerio can always be heard underfoot.
  2. Alphabet refrigerator magnets have migrated to the cabinet next door and taken up residence in the food processor.
  3. The paint on the door frame between the dining room and kitchen is chipped from repetitive baby wrangling by way of safety gate.
  4. This holiday season, “The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Christmas” is our soundtrack and only the top two thirds of the tree is decorated.
  5. All chairs remain constantly tucked under tables so a certain little climber can’t summit Mount Dining Table…again.
  6. Every piece of jewelry I own is strewn about our bedroom floor each morning, because Nora likes to find and bring me my “wre-wrings” while I get ready in the mornings.
  7. Hearing “Hi mommy, hi daddy” over the baby monitor has become my wake up call.
  8. There is always love, laughter and snuggles within these walls.


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Christa Allard

Christa never thought she looked particularly good in hats, but like any busy mom she finds herself wearing several of them these days. She stays home with her daughter, Nora full time, and is working towards a nursing degree and certification as a Breastfeeding Counselor. Christa lives in Wethersfield with her family, figuring out motherhood and life as she goes. She writes often about breastfeeding through toddlerhood and the journey to feeling validated in her mothering choices. Christa would like to be a character in an Amy Sherman Palladino sitcom when she grows up.

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  • Michelle


  • Mgpeak

    This is so sweet! Can I just add, you know you live with a toddler when you find half-eaten bananas all over your house :)

    • bernhardsonbunch


  • Jen Seiderer

    I love this! This definitely describes my house. I also find toy animals peeking out at me from random spots all over my house — the back of the toilet, my dresser drawers, the dog’s dish . . . Other things you can find at my house: a perfect ring of food on the floor around the high chair (quickly replaced by dog lick marks on the floor instead); stools in front of every sink and toilet; sippy cups strewn everywhere; ride-on toys constantly underfoot; and a training potty in the living room. Fun!

  • genagolas

    I’m loving this post, but my favorite parts are the “my bad” and the pic of Nora and Ryan! I’ll chime in with how I’ll usually find some stow-away toy put in my bag by Nora–proof that I’ve been over your house watching her :)

  • bernhardsonbunch

    Hahahahaha! Nora and Josh would be a dangerous combo…he’s a climber, too! I also have a little crayon drawing on my living room wall near a bookshelf…and recently cleaned one off the fridge. It would be easy to stop if I knew where Josh was getting this crayon, but he apparently has some hidden!

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