For my husband and I, we have our seven-month-old’s daily schedule down to a science and have luckily been able to do that since she was at a very young age. Part of it is luck and the other part is having a baby who likes a consistent routine. However, with the holidays just a few weeks away, keeping her on a schedule is going to be challenging. I can recall when I was pregnant, I was so firm with having our baby “go with the flow” and adapt to change, but when we’ve tried to do that over the past few months, it doesn’t go so well. She is very cranky if she misses a nap and it’s hard to get her back on schedule. My biggest fear is to have her day thrown off for the holidays and us have to deal with her being crabby and irritable. People have said to me, “Melissa – it’s OK, she will be fine, it’s just for one day,” but my concern is why am I going to throw her day off for the holidays and all she ends up being is frustrated and overtired? Is it really worth it? I do understand where they are coming from, because I do not want us to live our lives around her naps as it becomes frustrating for us too at times.

Nonetheless, this weekend we are getting our Christmas tree and have a large family event on Sunday. Unfortunately, she is sick with a cold this week so that is another concern we have. Do we keep her at my parents while we are getting the tree and attending his family’s event on Sunday, or do we take her with us and just bundle her up? Yet – then we run the risk of getting other people sick or having her get sicker being with a large group of people. Ah, the stress, worry and over-concern that never fades when being a mother.

We haven’t yet decided on what to do, but as a first time mother, I would love to ask others moms: How do you manage your little one’s schedule during the holidays and do you have any tips to share?

I will be sure to let everyone know how this weekend goes, what we decide on doing and how that ends up working out for us.

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