Fashion Forward Friday- Holiday Party Outfits

Dec 7, 2012 by

Holiday Party Time is my favorite time of the year.  Everyone is feeling festive, and is ready to dress to impress.  I’m at a little bit of a loss this year for something with bling to add to my holiday outfits.  I am mad about plaid, love sequins and glitter, and anything with shine and sparkle makes my short list.  But what can I add to my outfit this year?? What are you girls wearing to Christmas Dinner? Or to your church services?  Celebrating with the ones you love?  I can tell you that my trusty Kate Spade bow ring will be on my finger during the entire season, though!

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Marie loves running, sewing, manis & pedis, gin & tonics, and giving her loving husband agida by her endless hunting and gathering of handbags and statement jewelry. She is the proud Momma of Jake and Olivia, the Twosome, and in constant hope of a full night of sleep and late weekend morning sleep-in sessions for her little family of four. Always up on the latest trends for both fashion forward moms and the kids they tote around, she can be found on twitter, trolling fashion and lifestyle blogs, and in the magazine aisle at Walgreen’s feeding her obsession for the perfect kids crafts, Crock Pot recipes, felt flower baby headbands, BB Creams, and bright pink shoes. Oh, yes, and she works full-time as a lawyer for the House Republican Office in the Connecticut General Assembly.

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  • ScienceMomArlene

    I’m with you on wearing something festive to those holiday parties and get together, but this year being pregnant I had a hard time finding something to wear. I found plenty of things I loved if I wasn’t 6 months pregeant but knew wouldn’t work this year. After searching about 6 different maternity departments and countless websites I finally found a few things at the Motherhood outlet (not my favorite maternity store but this time was it).
    Enjoy all the glitter and festive wear.

  • bernhardsonbunch

    I’m not going to lie- I’ve been eying some fully-encrusted-in-sequins ballet flats at Target and trying to decide if I’m getting to old to wear them…but they’re sooooo pretty! Otherwise the theme this year is dresses and tights here! I’ve started liking dresses more because they’re just so easy! One piece…just add accessories! And I LOOOOOVE that ring, and all the Kate Spade jewelry in general. I had to stop myself from buying the Rock the Casbah cuff bracelet when I was at the outlet “Christmas” shopping…hahaha 😉

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