I have a confession to make.

I have huge, ugly feet. I’m not talking about just my actual feet either – I also have huge big toes which to me are crazy looking, so I usually keep them hidden.

Don’t worry, I won’t do this to you.

I was a size ten for most of my adult life which is understandable since I am 5’10”. Because of my large feet I already knew that when you are looking at an adorable shoe in the store and the display is a size six it is a huge difference in a size ten. It looks more like a boat with glitter on it rather than a trendy heel. It seems like shoes below size nine are fun, trendy, and cute but all of a sudden size ten and above go to dumpy, frumpy shoes.

A shoe boat – get it?!

Over time I have dealt with my big feet by buying shoes that make them look slimmer — think dark colors, etc. However, I have a new issue that has come to surface only since having a baby.

Like most women my feet swelled during pregnancy which I expected but what I didn’t expect was for one to go back to normal and the other to not. So now not only do I have huge disgusting feet but now I have one foot that is a size 10 and one that’s a 10.5.

Do you realize how annoying it is to try to find shoes now? The one thing I have always loved about shoes is that they never change. I can gain weight and lose weight but my shoes have always been my faithful friend who did not make me feel bad after the holidays.

I am obviously an adult so attempting something sneaky like switching the shoes in the shoe box so that I happen to go home with a size 10 and a size 10.5 won’t fly.

There are a lot of us big footed ladies who don’t want orthopedic shoes just because our feet are bigger. Even as I write this I realize how dumb and petty this blog sounds but after so many changes with becoming a mother (good and bad) this was one I was not expecting.

So ladies with big feet or freakish feet where do you get your shoes??? Please tell me I am not destined to wear the same shoes my 96-year-old grandma and mother do…

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