Hello CT Working Moms Readers! Today is not your average Wednesday. It is 12:00 pm on the 12th day of the 12th month in the year 2012. Wow! This will not happen for another 100 years so I thought I’d capture this moment by sharing my 12 favorite things about motherhood – the scariest craziest greatest thing that’s happened to me so far!

1. When my daughter hugs me and says “My mommy” ♥

2. Feeling like it’s Christmas every time I pick my daughter up from daycare. Seeing her little face after a long workday is a gift.

3. That I have an echo. It’s very entertaining when my daughter repeats what I say. (Except for that time she repeated a word that sounded a lot like ants-hole – whoops.)

4. Being a part of this incredible group of bloggers at CT Working Moms.

5. The fact I have someone to blame when a co-worker spots a stain on my clothes. I casually say, “Oh, it’s probably little ‘banana hands’ at it again!” when really I probably got food on myself.

6. Holidays, birthdays, and special occasions are much more fun with a child.

Mia at Great-Grandpa Peak’s 100 Birthday Party!!!

7. It is very cool to see pieces of me and my husband in our child – although she did inherit my nose and daddy’s “abundant” eyebrows. Sorry, kid.

8. I am amazed at my newfound ability to go through several emotions in the course of one minute – from happy, to mad, to scared, to happy, to sad, back to happy again. :). Anyone else feel that way, or am I “unique”?

9. I get to relive my best childhood memories. For example, having a legitimate reason to watch Looney Tunes cartoons and Disney movies again.

10. The fact that I lose a little bit of my fears, inhibitions, and hang-ups each day I survive this whole first-time mom thing. Getting your ass handed to you on a daily basis has a way of building resiliency.

11. That I gain a little more courage, confidence, and compassion each day too.

12. I don’t settle for anything less than what is best for me and my family. Sometimes it takes several tries to get things right, but at least my vision and purpose are a little clearer than they used to be.

Have a beautiful 12.12.12!!!!

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