We’ve all been there.

The lunatic behind the camera with five other lunatics jumping up and down, yelling out “POOPY” in hopes of getting that perfect Holiday Card.

Sometimes you get a real gem…

No clue how this happened, but it may have involved bribery, chocolate, and shouting “poopy-butt!”

Other times you are stuck wondering if you can just Photoshop happy, smiling faces together and hope no one notices.

So in honor of the blood, sweat, and tears we moms have shed for the perfect Holiday card, I present to you some that didn’t quite make the cut, courtesy of our bloggers!


Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!


Great pics are so much easier when at least one child is slightly immobile.

Nuff said…

Maybe this year’s card will feature individual shots…
Hey, I got an idea… let’s F^%* up the Christmas card! You in?

I said YOU.IN, d@*&%$!
THIS is my FAMILY?!?
I don’t blame you kid, that Santa looks a bit creepy to me too!
We are terrible parents….

Sometimes, even the adults find Santa a bit scary…

As Jennifer calls it, her dead Victorian family…

Why not jazz it up a bit?!?

I love my BROTHER!!!!!

I better get some f%^$#& cookies out of this….

I will not smile, I will not smile, I will not…

Um, yeah… this ain’t happening…
The Perfect Holiday Card accessory- BOOGERS!
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