Ok, so maybe it’s not that dramatic…  Have you ever dealt with a biter before?  My husband and I had this experience over the summer.  A few notes found their way into Jake’s mailbox at daycare letting us know that another child bit Jake during the day.  Not in a vicious or hurtful way, but during play times, a child came up and bit him.  Of course my first reaction was, “WHAT DEMON OF A CHILD WOULD BITE MY SWEET, SAINTLY, FRESH-FACED LITTLE BOY!?!”  But after settling down, I realized that the “demon child” has parents who also received a note in their child’s mailbox saying that their child had bit another child.  And that must have made them feel just as awful, for a variety of other reasons.  There are always two sides to every story.  In this case, I hurt for my son.  Yet, at the same time, I also hurt for the parents of the biter.  How would they discipline their child?  How do you discipline your child when you don’t see them doing something bad in front of you?  I learned that children sometimes bite because they are teething, or it is the only way they can express themselves because they cannot talk yet.  Either way, Jake was no worse for the wear.  And parents, don’t be quick to judge- not a month later than receiving the bite-recipient note, a note of a different tone was in Jake’s mailbox…  That sweet saintly kid of mine? Bit one of his friends.  Fortunately it was the only time we received that note, but it really put things into perspective.

Has your child been bitten at daycare, or by another child?  Have you struggled with a little biter of your own?

** Drawing by Natalie Dee**

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