I’m dedicating this Fashion Forward Friday to Pajamas.  One of my favorite things about the holidays now that I have a little elf of my own to dress up, is all of the fun options for kids during the holidays.  Jake probably has close to 7 pairs of winter pjs- both footie pajamas and two piece top and bottom sets.  I can’t help myself- they are just so damn cute!!  I’ve tried out several different brands of pjs on my little guy, and Carter’s is by far my favorite.  They wear well, they wash well, they are not made from shiny synthetic material, and they come in both microfleece for the chilly nights, and breathable cotton for everyday lounge.  Lucky for you, and any other gift givers out there, Carter’s is having a pretty good sale on pjs- as cheap as $10 a pair!  While on the hunt, I also checked out Old Navy.  Lo and behold, they too are having a pretty killer pj sale!  Theirs are $10, and in equally as cute designs, including a santa suit and an elf getup.



And these little girl microfleece footie pjs with monkeys wearing earmuffs?  I don’t like to throw this word around often, but really, there’s no better word in my vocabulary to describe these other than, ADORBS!  (Trust me on this- Adorbs really is the only word to describe cuteness to this extent.)

With the holidays coming up, I’ve had the chance to stock up on some major cuteness.  And, when family asks what to get him this year? Along with the usual suspects- toys, jeans, and shirts, PJs are high on the list! 


**I have not been compensated by these companies to post.  This is purely out of my own experience and personal shopping savvy*

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